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Other Services

GlobalTel Communications designs, orders, implements and audits both voice and data networks.

Our network service division was originally created to provide our auditing clients with additional future savings recommendations. Now, almost fifteen years later we have become one of the industries most trusted network management and consulting companies.

The new era of networked applications and interconnected business processes yields heightened efficiency and productivity. However, these benefits can be realized only with properly managed, scalable networks. Outsourcing network management tasks to GlobalTel Communications allows companies like yours to save time and drive substantially lower total cost of ownership.

Our network service assessment starts and ends with you! Our initial goal is to understand your business, how it operates and what your needs are today and in the future. We use this understanding to help identify strategies to better leverage today's technology and services to fill the needs of the business.

Inventory and Contract Assessment

GlobalTel will build a detailed inventory based on all the information provided to us. This detailed inventory is done by service address and will also show not only the cost but also the contractual obligations associated with each line item:

  • Review all contracts & amendments provided
  • Identify all revenue and circuit commitments
  • Establish a clear understanding of current contractual commitments.

Network Design, Planning and Optimization

GlobalTel provides analysis and planning of multi-technology, multi-vendor networks, supporting organizations to accurately plan for growth, change, technology migration, and new application deployment. GlobalTel's network optimization supports key initiatives such as:

  • Disaster recovery and business contingency planning
  • Design and provide solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Evaluation a wide range of "what-if" scenarios
  • Perform a pre deployment analysis to accelerate deployment and limit potential down time
  • Pre and Post sale support to insure functionality and savings goals were obtained

Our experience has shown that all companies and organizations, from small business to enterprise clients, can benefit from an independent review to get the most out of their telecom networks.


PRI Service optimizes the efficiency and flexibility of multiple voice and data services provided over high speed digital facilities. PRI Service is delivered over a 1.544Mbps T1 connection and consists of 23- 64 Kbps B channels and one 64 Kbps D channel. PRI solutions offers an array of value added features and is ideal for call center applications, computer telephony integration, telecommuting and video conferencing.


  • Dedicated voice rates
  • Efficient call handling
  • Caller ID with name and number


  • Integrate voice, data, image and video
  • Leverage advanced features to support call center applications
  • Dynamically allocate channels to support voice or data as required


Multi-Protocol Layer Switching (MPLS) Services consists of next generation switching technology that allows your company to deploy a multitude of voice and data applications over a safe and secure network.


MPLS provides a complete range of options to provide your business with a truly customized solution.

  • Port speeds available from 56k to 45M
  • Voice, Data and Video applications
  • Full meshed network for complete diversity
  • Support for multiple protocols and applications


  • Managing the flow of your network
  • Support remote offices
  • Reduce inter-office phone usage
  • Consolidate and manage applications companywide
  • Manage bandwidth demands
  • Guaranteed bandwidth speeds


To compete and communicate in today's global economy high speed Internet Access is a necessity. Internet solutions can be customized to meet the needs of your business, so if your looking to host your company's web site or need to link large corporate networks GlobalTel has a solution that works.


  • ADSL (All Speeds)
  • SDSL (All Speeds)
  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) 1.5M to 45Mb
  • Ethernet over Copper (EOC) 3.0M to 50Mb (Where Avaiable)


  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Pre-configured routers
  • Link multiple sites via the internet
  • Transfer large data, video and media files quickly
  • Host your company's web site
  • Run applications from an off-site server
  • Provide connectivity for off-site storage
  • Provide a link for corporate networks
  • Provide telecommuting and/or videoconferencing

Integrated Solutions

Integrated PRI and T1 solutions optimizes network efficiency and flexibility by providing voice and data over the same dedicated connection. Integrated product's offers a complete range of options to provide your business with a truly customized solution allowing you to get the most out of your network.

Some Features and Benefits:

  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Manage bandwidth demands
  • Manage multiple applications over a single connection
  • A single easy to understand invoice
  • Guaranteed bandwidth speeds


  • Integrate Voice, Data and Video applications over a single connection
  • Port speeds available from 56k to 45M
  • Streamline multiple applications over 1 circuit
  • Support for multiple protocols and applications

SIP Trunking

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) has become a catalytic force helping shape today's telecommunications industry. SIP service is designed for organizations of all sizes and provides calling packages to meet the needs of your business.


  • DID/DOD service available
  • Turn up's in day's not weeks
  • 24/7/365 monitoring available
  • Setup multiple inbound and outbound routes
  • Custom calling plans


  • Turn up's in day's not weeks
  • Can work with your existing internet connection

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX service provides a robust suite of features comparable to those of any high-end system. Hosted PBX services are ideal for any business looking to replace antiquated equipment or looking to gain total control of their telecommunications environment.

Some Features and Benefits:

  • No more costly equipment contracts
  • Eliminate interoffice phone usage
  • Reduce the costs of all MAC work (moves, adds and changes)
  • Reduce the cost for remote employees
  • Fax to Email
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call Waiting Caller ID
  • Off-net Forwarding
  • Voicemail to Email Notification
  • Custom Auto-Attendant
  • Unlimited calling plans


A truly scalable solution capable of delivering all of the features and functionality that your business needs.


Ethernet over Copper (EOC) services are becoming more and more popular as large bandwidth requirements are needed. Where available, this technology supports high-speed internet bandwidth for a fraction of the cost of traditional Ethernet connections.


  • Bandwidth available from 3Meg to 10Gig and growing
  • Low network latency
  • Fast installations
  • Static IP addresses


  • Grows with your business, add additional bandwidth in days not weeks
  • Ethernet handof

Private Line

GlobalTel Communications provides businesses with high-quality domestic and international private line solutions customized to meet the specific data requirements of each organization. Private lines offer a wealth of benefits to organizations including dedicated bandwidth, secure transmissions and 24-hour a day availability. Private lines can be utilized for multiple applications and multiple protocols simultaneously.

Additionally, private lines are not usage based, this means your company has one fixed monthly, cost-effective solution, as well as a single integrated bill for all your telecommunications services. Utilizing a large, national ATM-based backbone network, GlobalTel Communications can provide access to countless locations, with high quality data solutions.