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GlobalTel Communications Inc. is a telecommunications consulting company representing many major “STABLE” communication providers. We are a young recession proof company that focuses on obtaining refund and credits through our extensive auditing process for medium to large sized businesses while helping them get back on track with current telecommunication technologies.

If you are a successful sales person that is extremely competitive and determined to win, that wants to start making a residual income that you own and collect serious one time commissions, send your resume to jobs@globaltelcommunications.com


Audit Specialist

Globaltel Communications is a powerful leader in the telecommunication auditing sector. As an auditing specialist you will be responsible for conducting audits for medium and large size businesses that are brought in by our direct sales and agent partners. If you are a polished auditing specialist and wish to work for an organization that is a leader the telecommunication auditing market please send your resume to jobs@globaltelcommunications.com