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At GlobalTel Communications we are dedicated to recouping funds erroneously billed to you by your service provider's. The dilemma faced by any Chief Financial Officer is effectively managing spiraling expenses over a period of time. Today's telecom bills are created with the intent of being confusing, they are riddled with hidden charges and convoluted discount plans. Telecommunication related expenses typically become the responsibility of the accounting or accounts payable department, usually by default. It has become increasingly difficult for these departments to effectively manage these costs. The simple fact remains that thousands of dollars monthly are paid; un-audited and unquestioned.

Even if you have a telecom manager on your staff they could not be expected to have the same knowledge and experience that GlobalTel delivers. We are communication specialists who will provide the tools your telecom manager needs to optimize your communications costs.

Many years of collective experience in all aspects of the voice and data marketplace have been incorporated into the GlobalTel audit process. A GlobalTel audit incorporates an in-depth knowledge of all major service providers products and services, an extensive database of billing errors compiled from thousands of audits, national tariff libraries and an outstanding rapport with not only our clients, but with service providers they use, The Public Service Commission and The F.C.C.

"If you don't profit, we don't profit"

With more than 80% of all GlobalTel audits resulting in refunds and expense reduction we are able to provide this service on a contingency basis. Our fee is a percentage of the refunds and/or savings obtained. Can you afford not to have GlobalTel on your team?

Other Audit Questions

What is the time line associated with an audit?

It depends on the size of your organization and how many locations you may have. On average it takes anywhere from 60-120 business days.

Why do you perform theses services on a contingency basis?

Our motto is if you don't profit we don't profit. Unlike many of our competitors we only bill our customers when they receive a credit and/or refund. Our expert staff obtains refunds for 80% of our clients.

If you can go back up to 6 years on an audit why do you only require 1 month of telecommunications bills.

Once we have your letter of authorization our auditors can obtain additional bills directly from your carriers. However we might request additional bills directly from you to save time.

If I have a telecom manager on staff why can't they handle this service?

Even if you have a Telecom manager on staff you could not expect them to have the knowledge and expertise that our auditing staff has. Our auditors have over 60 years auditing experience. We will provide the tools your telecom manager needs to optimize your communications costs.

Why is it so important that I do not change providers during an audit?

Moving your service from one carrier to another makes the claim process more convoluted. It is extremely important that nobody in your organization makes moves or changes to your existing service until the audit has been completed.

How do I know an audit needs to be performed?

We recommend that an audit be performed every 3 years or so depending on the size of your company and how many providers you have. If you have never had an audit, the time is now!

Getting Started

Unlike many of our competitors GlobalTel is only compensated when our clients receive a refund or Savings, if we are unable to obtain a refund or proven savings, there is no fee for our service. Our fee is based on a percentage of the refunds and or savings obtained.

To initiate a review, simply provide us with one complete copy of each telecommunication bill. In addition we will need a signed Client Agreement and Letter of Authorization. GlobalTel will then obtain customer service records and historical billing data directly from your carriers.

If you have any questions please email: info@gbltel.com

The Audit Process


All billing account information is received and an initial inventory of all the clients' services is created. The inventory is a database that will include information from Customer Service Records, Local, Long Distance and Data invoices. The information in the data base is initially broken down by address and will include; Account numbers, Circuit numbers, circuit type originating and terminating address info, monthly recurring charges for every product and/or service.

When the billing inventory is complete: A GlobalTel technician will be dispatched to each customer location. Our physical inspection reports will include location and status of services at each customer address. This will tell us what's not working, not cross-connected and what cannot be located.


Tariff audit all monthly recurring charges are reviewed for discrepancies. GlobalTel has an electronic library of all local, regional, IXC and CLEC tariffs. Customer Service Records will be thoroughly reviewed to ensure compliance with tariff rates; this is a complete audit of all fixed monthly recurring charges.

The physical inventory audit will compare what our tech finds in the field to what is included in the customer database created in the pre-audit stage. Claims are filed with the appropriate carrier/s through out the process.

Usage audit will analyze all usage based products and services, elements that will be audited include but are not limited to, One time charges, per minute charges, discount plans, taxes, service charges etc.

The GlobalTel Database

GlobalTel maintains an extensive database of carrier specific billing errors compiled from thousands of audits. Customer's inventory will be compared to this database. GlobalTel's Database includes but is not limited to, IXC mileage, channel termination charges, access charges, feature charges, Mileage charges, surcharges, conditioning charges and Federal and State Taxes.

Benefits of an Audit

  • GlobalTel Communications does all the work from start to finish.
  • Our service is risk free. If we are unable to obtain any refunds or credits for your organization we DO NOT GET COMPENSATED.
  • Over 80% of our clients receive refunds
  • We check for errors as far back as 6 years

What Types Of Business Benefit From A Communications Audit?

Any Organization that bill's $2,000 or more per month in telecommunication charges could benefit from an audit.

Companies like financial firms, telemarketing firms, schools, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, customer service companies and any others that use telecommunication services as a necessity.

Even if you have a telecom manager on your staff they could not be expected to have the same knowledge and experience that GlobalTel delivers. We are communication specialists who will provide the tools your telecom manager needs in order to optimize your communications costs.

Typical Charges Hidden Within Your Communications Bills

Basic Service Charge
Central Office Lines
Circuit ID
County Emergency Service Surcharges
Directory Information
Directory Request's
Double Billing
Equipment Charges
FCC Charges
Federal Taxes
FX Lines
Installation Charges
Loop Charge
MIS Programming
Misplaced Decimals
Network Devices
PIC Charges
Phantom Lines
Promo Discounts
Service Order Charges
State & Local Taxes
Tie Lines
Touch Tone Charges
Transmission & Signaling
VGA (Voice Grade Amplification)
WRM (Inside Wire Maintenance)
Wire Maintenance